You're here for a reason

You want to


You love movement. You need it to feel good in your body. You want to shake up your routine, to experience something outside the usual, more elevated — and something more intimate than a gym.
You want to be healthy, and you want to have fun doing it...

You want to


You’re curious to try something new — the hot room and the postures are different from anything you've done before.
You’re looking for a safe space to be yourself, in every shade of your spectrum, for when you’re up to flow, and down to recoup.

...with the bright serenity of our space

You want to
You've done some yoga, but you crave the multi-layered experience of people coming together as a community – not just for movement, but to meet, share, and inspire. You want to feel part of something bigger, to buzz with others like and unlike yourself.
You want to
You need a change: to get out of the house, and out of your head. You need a challenge. You need to find yourself again, to create your "new normal”. You want to add spice to your life and feel good in a varied, healthy routine.

Who are we?

Morpho Bleu is more than movement.

It’s a home away from home. It’s a community. It’s a sanctuary, a safe haven. It’s beautiful. It’s serene. It’s fun. It’s alive. It’s a labour of love, created to uplift and support each unique journey that travels through our doors. It’s everything you need in a studio and so much more.

What can you expect?

Our mantra: "We are made to change." We’re versatile. We’re meant to move in different ways, to think outside the box, to shake up our patterns, to create health and well-being in our own unique ways. With this in mind, we created Morpho Bleu as a space physical, virtual and one that lives in your imagination.

we are a space fueled by...

Dynamic movement practices
A kaleidoscope of yoga styles, fitness classes with and without equipment, barre and dance, sound, breath and meditation, and more.
Experienced teachers
Our teachers are experts at what they do, and we hold space for their unique zones of genius. Each one brings a different flavour and perspective to the studio, and each will teach you something new!
Powerful transformation
Tend not only to your body, but also to your mind and spirit. We are here to help nourish your entire being. Feel your best inside and out, and shine bright in all areas of life.

It all starts here

Are you brand new?

Feel your best inside and out, and shine bright in all areas of life.

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Visit the studio

We’re in the heart of NDG, in Monkland Village, at the corner of Girouard and Monkland — a short walk from Villa Maria metro station.

4260 Avenue Girouard, 3rd Floor, Montréal, Québec H4A 3C9

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