not your average teacher training


Nov 2024 to June 2025

to transform; a change in form, structure, or function as a result of development

biomechanics - sequencing - restorative - breath - meditation - astrology - traditional chinese medicine - katonah - voice and language - kundalini - pilates and core - hands-on adjustments - business - ethics - accessible and trauma-informed teaching - ceremony and space-keeping
  • 🧩 5 MODULES 4 seasonal practices + 1 retreat
  • 📆 8 MONTHS learning that fits into — but doesn’t interrupt — your life
  • 📚 13 WEEKENDS recorded in case you can’t make them all
  • 222 HOURS invested in diversifying + honing your skills

What to expect…

Diverse Practices
A kaleidoscope of perspectives to expand your abilities
Expert Guidance
Dedicated mentorship by our studio co-founder
Advanced Learning
A leap beyond the foundations to enhance your current expertise
Professional Development
Focus on refining your voice and navigating career paths
Exclusive Retreat
Final weekend off-site to close the experience in a natural setting

Where are you on your journey?

Curious about combining passion and profession, or simply expanding your practice and perspective
Ready to override autopilot, reinvigorate your work, and break through the plateau of stagnation
already promoting well-being through holistic approaches in realms of physical, mental, or energetic therapy
Somewhere in between...
ready to take your expertise to the next level and set yourself up to excel on whatever path you choose

Wherever you are, you crave deep experience, fresh inspiration, and fluency in your voice and craft.

Are the butterflies fluttering yet?

Your Mentors:

- Sara Gallagher Bloom, Montreal
- Matt Phippen, Vancouver
- Kate Gillespie, Vancouver
- Albert Bissada, Montreal
- Karl Notargiovanni, Montreal
- Sarah L’Hrar, Montreal
- Abbie Galvin, New York
- Opale Ashley, Montreal
- Kimiko Fujimoto, Montreal/International
- Plus suprise guest teachers + speakers


Modules are designed around our seasonal rhythms:

Fall / Cultivation
Nov 22-24: Mechanics of Breath
Dec 6-8: Methodical Sequencing
Dec 13-15: Fall practicum
Winter / Deep Rest
Jan 24-26: Nidra + Meditation
Feb 7-9: Pranayama + Restorative
Feb 21-23: Winter practicum
Spring / Growth
Mar 21-23: TCM + Astrology
Apr 4-6: Katonah
Apr 18-20: Spring practicum
Summer / Embodiment
May 2-4: Voice + Kundalini
May 23-25: Pilates + Core
May 30-June 1: Summer practicum + hands-on adjustments
Retreat / Integration
June 6-8: Ceremony + the art of space-keeping
Bonus Recorded Content
At your own pace: The business of teaching + insider interviews with our teachers
Final Assignment
1 piece of creative expression or personal reflection, and
1 workshop outline based on a deep-dive into a subject of your choice

Fridays: 18h00 to 21h00
Saturdays + Sundays: 12h30 to 18h30


hold space

Serve your community through retreats, coaching, classes, workshops, private instruction, online offerings, or wherever need and inspiration leads you.


live your practice

Experience movement as a metaphor for the ebb and flow of life, and develop the non-physical skill of navigating it with grace.

Tuition: $4,777
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Frequently Asked Questions

More about The Course

What makes this different from other trainings?
The distinctive mix of teachings + teachers — a variety reflecting our trademark Morpho Bleu Method — sprinkled out seasonally, allowing you to digest the material through dedicated Technique (learning) + Practicum (lab) weekends.

On top of that, it's the close mentorship by our studio co-founder Sara Gallagher Bloom, a long-time student, entrepreneur, and a gifted teacher in her own right, that makes this training extra special.
What is the Morpho Bleu Method?
We believe in and embody the idea that dynamic threads create a more substantial experience. As such, we layer and weave many techniques and disciplines into a colourful tapestry that informs and inspires what we practice and teach.
Who is The Course for?
Those with prior training: Teachers of all levels and ranges of experience, from super fresh to well-seasoned.

Those without prior training: Students who want to become teachers, or simply want to learn and dabble.
Can I join if it’s my first YTT?
Yes, BUT — this isn’t an ABC of classical Hatha practice and yoga anatomy. We recommend coming with at least some basic, foundational knowledge of yoga and/or other healing arts. In other words, you’ve learned the ABCs and are ready to learn cursive.
Should I take this if I have no interest in teaching professionally?
Yes! The material of this course is designed to ripple out through all areas of life — from your personal practice and philosophy, to your relationships and interactions — whether you teach professionally or not. But you never know where inspiration might lead you…
What if I want to join, but can’t make it to all 13 weekends of training?
Training weekends will be recorded for you (and accessible for the lifetime of The Course!) to watch at your own pace.
I’m interested in most, but not all subjects. Can I pick and choose?
Yes, single modules and weekends will be available for the casual learners too!
Is The Course registered with the Yoga Alliance?
No, we are not. In fact, you do not have to register with The Yoga Alliance to become an insured (and totally employable!) yoga teacher.
Will Morpho Bleu run this training again in the future?
Yes, but there will be a break before the next session, and it might look different — so the 2024-2025 program is a unique opportunity.
Can I work at Morpho Bleu after I graduate?
We’re always looking for great teachers, but we can’t guarantee anything!

What's included

What’s included in the full training?
◦ The complete curriculum + a certificate upon completion
◦ A printed manual (1 booklet per module to fit into 1 binder)
◦ Mentorship + coaching with Sara Gallagher Bloom
◦ Final retreat at Le Conserve in Lac Brome
◦ Access to the digital library + recordings
If I join a single module or weekend, what is (and isn’t) included?
Single modules include all 3 weekends (2 Technique + 1 Practicum) including the seasonal practice and manual booklet. *Retreat module not included.

Single weekends are only available for technique weekends (not practicums) and include the whole weekend of training (15h over Fri-Sun). *Manual booklet not included.
What's the full pricing breakdown?
◦ Full course: $4,777 (+$250 for retreat meals)

Not yet open for registration (and subject to availability):
◦ Single module: $1,277
◦ Single weekend: $477

Payment plans are available with an initial deposit. Please note that there will be a 3% service fee to cover the extra process and admin costs.
I’m ready to register! Now what?
Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email asking you to share a bit about your experience, where you’re at on your journey, and what you’re looking for. Don’t worry, you don’t need to write an essay; there’s just a quick form to fill out!

Interested, but not ready?

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