30h IMMERSION · 27 TO 30 OCTOBER 2022

Katonah Yoga


Spark your imagination

Guided by the expert hands of Abbie Galvin from NYC, this intensive training will expand your perception of yoga — and yourself — through the lens of Katonah.

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Are you…

· Someone who feels the profound impacts of your practice?
· Curious about yoga theory?
· Eager to understand the why and how?
· Wanting to dive deeper and learn new skills?
· Playing with developing your own practice?
· Ready to share your practice with others, when the opportunity presents itself?

Are you…

· Trying to refine or build your teacher toolkit?
· Curious to learn about a unique practice with a world-renowned teacher?
· Craving the chance to spark or reignite your student brain?
· Eager to bring more into your classroom as a teacher?
· Ready to invest in your continued education in a rare and unique in-person opportunity?


…as a teacher, mentor, mother, and confidant to rouse and cajole each student in that most rigorous effort to be grounded, to grow voluminously, to develop a generous heart and an arresting soul as I continue to work on my own.

— Abbie Galvin


Meet Abbie Galvin

Special guest teacher Abbie Galvin from NYC has a background in filmmaking, psychoanalysis, and decades as a Katonah teacher and yoga studio owner. Her first experience with Katonah inspired a chemical reaction that changed the course of her career and entire life.

Abbie has studied extensively with Nevine Michaan, who founded the Katonah yoga method and has been teaching yoga since 1980. Abbie’s perspective emphasizes the sacred geometry of the body, the art of repetition, and the psychology of self-awareness and unconscious patterning.

Step out of your comfort zone

Learning is for everyone. We’re all students of the practice — whatever that practice may be — yoga, meditation, life. Come as you are, wherever you are on your walk. No experience is required. You don’t have to be a teacher to digest and integrate the wisdom you’ll learn.

What to expect…

From the esoteric ideas of Taosim to the very pragmatic way to hold a right angle in your body, we will move through techniques that articulate the Katonah Yoga theory. Empowered by this knowledge and a safe container to practice within, you’ll have new tools to integrate into your teaching and your personal life.

We’ll take a deep dive into the theory and practice of:

Hands on adjustments
Assist and support your students so they can access new ways to experience a posture
Restorative Yoga
Calm the nervous system and melt into a gentle, low-impact practice
Working with Props
Use objects to bring more ease, or more effort, into certain shapes and movements
Teaching private sessions
Give additional guidance in one-on-one settings
Developing a home practive
Explore your personal practice within your own walls
Body reading
Sharpen your perception and learn to read the body’s language
Theory of the Magic Square
Embody the magic square in your hands, feet, head, pelvis and torso
Use the breath as a tool for expansion
And more
To be discovered...

Because the Katonah practice is so rich in metaphor, regular classes — while wonderful — can’t always dwell on the philosophy behind the physical practice; but the immersion provided the perfect amount of time to ask questions, workshop postures and delve into theory.

Reinforcing the Daoist principles through complimentary viewpoints, teachers and areas of practice, the intensive helped me see how patterns manifest in our bodies and poses in a myriad of related ways. With this understanding, I now have greater structure and resources for my home practice and beyond.

— Holly Caracappa (30 Hour Trainee)

Why now?

Learning with the right teacher has the potential to change your life.

It is an honour to host Abbie Galvin, a leader in the world of Katonah yoga with a fountain of knowledge to share.

This will be so much more than a physical experience — it will be an opportunity to evolve as both student and teacher, on and off the mat.

Are you ready to dive into the depths of Katonah?

Change the way you see your practice

Whether you are a student searching to deepen your practice, a teacher seeking theory to better mentor your students, a practitioner dealing with an injury, or someone new to yoga seeking to integrate more movement into your life, this experience will inform and inspire you. Don't miss out on this rare chance — this is the only Katonah training with Abbie being offered in Canada this year!

Training offered in English language only.

Hear from trainees

Listen to Chelsea Delle Palme and Sara Gallagher Bloom speak about the transformative nature of the Katonah training and practice:

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...to the first Katonah Yoga class I took some 25 years ago. So much so that I changed my career, my mothering, my friends, my analyst, my diet, and the way that I saw myself. That implicit but powerful shift led me deeper into the atmosphere of my spirit, planting the seed of insight for how I would work and live.
—Abbie Galvin



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