Morpho Bleu Gift Cards

Yes, Morpho Bleu has physical gift cards available to offer your loved ones! These beautiful peace-themed gift cards will give your loved ones time and space to take care of their health and wellbeing. What could be more nourishing?

The physical gift cards are available in studio in the following amounts:

$28.74 (value of a regular drop-in or introductory week)

$51.74 (reformer drop-in)

$120.72 (value of 5 class card)

$193.16 (4 reformer class card)

$212.70 (10 class card) 

$367.92 (8 reformer class card)

We can also personalize the $ value to your desired amount!

The receiver of the physical gift card will use the promo code at the check-out step of the payment process.

→ Pick up your gift cards at the studio!


Morpho Bleu e-cards are always available online or at the studio!

If you can’t make it to the studio, we also have e-cards which are available all year long through your account in BSport. 

The e-cards will be sent via email to your loved one and can be personalized with the theme of your choice, you also get to select the date and time the e-card arrives in their inbox! The ecards can be purchased online or at the studio

→ Buy your e-cards through Bsport!