Morpho Bleu

We are a catalyst for change, in people and communities — igniting the light of global wellness by creating a sanctuary for movement, education, and meaningful connection.

Take flight with us!

we are

Studio Morpho Bleu is a vibrant centre for movement in Montréal, Canada, located in the central-west neighbourhood of NDG. We offer diverse movement classes — yoga, barre, dance, pilates, bootcamp and more — plus workshops, ceremonies and rituals to connect to your highest self.

Visit us in-person and step into our light-filled studio, a warm hub for wellness and physical movement practices. Try a class (or several) and be sure to check out our cafe, boutique, and greenery-filled co-working space. Can’t make it? Our virtual studio is here for you to practice on your terms, anywhere, anytime.


Long before its official opening, Morpho Bleu’s founding members had been an integral part of the yoga and wellness community in Montreal. Over two decades of sweat, laughter, and sometimes tears built the foundation of what would become a studio that breathes beyond physical walls.

Sara is our mystic and visionary leader with a fascination for human nature and a gift for the healing arts. Kelly, our generous, driven wonder woman, works behind the scenes to make magic happen with fierce commitment and savviness from years spent in corporate fundraising. Together, they created a launch-pad for something bigger to take flight.

Over the years, Sara and Kelly spent time and energy in Central America on retreat. It was there that they met the Blue Morpho, one of the largest butterflies in the world and an awe-inspiring sight to behold. The greater symbolism of this brilliant creature had resonated deep within, representing the journey through personal and global metamorphosis, an environmental ethos, and a bold image.

When we needed a name that spoke to the kinds of powerful transformations that our students feel when they come to practice, Morpho Bleu was born. Unique expressions of individuality, constant change, and ultimate interconnectedness are all reflected in our values and worldview. The butterfly effect — how small changes ripple outwards to create bigger impacts — stays in the forefront of our minds as we encourage positive movement, in our physical and mental bodies, to cultivate overall wellness in ourselves and beyond.


To create a hub for movement, rest, and ritual, where our unique reflections can meet in one bright space, both physically and virtually. Together we use modalities of form, function, and flow, to tap into conscious breath and take flight.



Our values are what shine the light ahead to keep us aligned on the path that makes a better world for us and those around us. To ensure that they remain within our scope of commitment and practice, our team reflects on these concepts bi-annualy — leaving room to evolve, with intention, as we grow.

Like the scales of the Blue Morpho, transparency and reflection are how we radiate light.
We strive to make our decision-making and inner-workings transparent to all staff, from how we structure the price of classes all the way to our budgetary breakdown. It’s with careful reflection that we make our decisions, taking into consideration all viewpoints from all levels of the organization, knowing that the butterfly effect creates ripples across a larger landscape. Our communications with our members are clear and proactive, so they can trust that our policies and decisions are fair.
Keeping a growth mindset leads to greater learning and resilience.
Transformation and willingness to change are part of our experience, individually and collectively. In observing the butterfly’s capacity to go from caterpillar to taking flight, we learn to always stay open to possibilities and a lifelong journey of growth ahead. As a team, we share feedback candidly and regularly, and we give our teachers room to grow with workshops, trainings, and mentorship. We diversify our offerings so there are always opportunities to learn something new, for students and staff.
As stewards of the environment, we act consciously and responsibly.
To foster a harmonious relationship with ourselves and the nature that surrounds us, we acknowledge our responsibility as a part of a greater ecosystem. We also acknowledge that we are on traditional lands of First Nation peoples, most notably the Anishinaabeg and Haundenosaunee, of which the Kanien’kehá:ka are stewards of Tiohtià:ke (Montreal). We participate actively in the protection of our environment, and we vow to minimize our ecological impact to the best of our ability. We have high standards for the sustainability of the products we use, the brands and initiatives we support, and we give back to the land whenever we possibly can through fundraisers and campaigns.
Our diversity is what makes us so beautifully unique.
From micro to macrocosm, diversity is not only exquisite, but essential to our very survival. We prioritize diversity in our leadership, staff, and offerings, because different perspectives are what makes the soil in our garden so rich. Externally, we commit to making our studio accessible and inclusive to all practitioners. Internally, we welcome the unique contributions that people bring in terms of education, opinions, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation and beliefs.
Communicating with care and kindness is how we can best support each other.
The butterfly is beautiful, yet fragile — we know we must treat it with the utmost respect to ensure it stays with us for a long time to come. We vow to act from a place of kindness, and to always communicate with compassion in our hearts. This is especially reflected in how we deliver feedback within our team, mindfully and carefully, from a place of support and encouragement as well as candor. We also practice active listening, for our staff and students alike, to ensure that everyone is heard with an open mind. Seeing the worth of every unique person, we strive to approach everyone with the same attention and care and show them they are valued.
We survive and thrive by spreading ideas and knowledge, pollinating generation after generation.
Our mission is to be an open source of wisdom for all to learn from, lean on, and contribute to. We encourage learning from all schools of thought, cross-pollinating knowledge from a variety of sources; because fabric woven from all different directions is stronger than threads from a single one. We strive to reinvest in the development of our teachers and staff, supporting them with continuing education, collaborations, and mentorship, and holding space for their unique zones of genius.
Rest and restoration are key to overall health, balance, and happiness in life.
We must spend time in the cocoon before spreading our wings to fly. In our studio, we strive to be a source for quiet relaxation when it is needed. Rest is essential for our staff and students, and is even foundational to our productivity. Inside our team, this manifests itself in policies that facilitate substitutions and paid breaks, to support aligned leaves of absence. Externally, we prioritize course offerings that emphasize rest and recuperation on our regular schedule, so that there is opportunity for yin to balance out the yang of everyday life.

The people who make up our studio are more than just a team — they’re the colourful fabric that makes us who we are, the creators of the biodiversity that makes our ecosystem so unique.